Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kimbap holiday

Well, it was a Bank Holiday last weekend in the UK which meant we didn't have to do any work on Monday!
So, in an effort to be productive/make tasty things, I made Kimbap (korean word for seaweed and rice) and decided I'd post here how it's made:

1. Buy some sushi rice and seaweed (kim) sheets, rice vinegar (I didn't have any but just used a smidge of normal vinegar) & your filling ingredients e.g. peppers, tuna, ham, cucumber, crab sticks etc. anything you like!

2. Cook the rice, I used about 2 cupfuls for maybe 8 sheets - I usually just make it as I go along so I don't waste any. Add a teaspoon or two of vinegar, pinch of sugar and pinch of salt to your rice, depending on how much you've cooked.

3. Let rice cool down, I usually put it on the lid of the pan and spread it out.

 4. Whilst rice is cooling, chop up or prepare your ingredients. I made 2 types of kimbap - one had crabstick, omelette and peppers, the other had tuna with mayo, cucumber and peppers. Of course, my choices were quite standard and possibly plain, so if you're feeling inventive you could try adding stuff like ham, egg mayo, cheese spread etc.

5. Lay out rolling mat covered in clingfilm, then put a sheet of kim on top with the shiny side facing down.

6. Spread rice out evenly over the sheet, leaving a small gap at the bottom (or you won't be able to seal the roll!) and a gap around the edges (no point putting rice there because it'll be wasted when you cut off the ends).

7. Place your ingredients in a line about 1/3 down the sheet

8. Begin the rolling! Carefully lift the top of the rolling mat and pull the top of the kim over the ingredients, apply a little bit of pressure to keep the roll tight. Keep rolling until you have a complete and sealed kimbap roll. If the kim at the bottom of the roll won't stick, try rubbing a dash of sesame oil along the bottom or if you don't have any, then water is fine.

9. Your sealed roll should look like this:

Then, slice off a little bit at the first end and either eat it or throw it, the ends of the roll won't be filled with ingredients like the rest of it - that's why there's no point in putting rice up close to the edges of the sheet.

10. Slice up the roll into 1cm sections and enjoy your Kimbap!

We ate ours with Ramen noodles and some radish Kimchi....delicious! There was still loads of kimbap left over for the next day too.

EPIK UPDATE: One person has received an offer now, so I'm hoping to hear within the next few weeks :D
EDIT: No offers have been received yet, false alarm...but hopefully we'll hear before the end of May where our documents have been recommended to!

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