Sunday, 20 May 2012

Postgraduate research and birthday planning

To begin....the past fortnight has been completely barren in terms of EPIK progress so I have little to write about. I have heard that some people have received confirmation that their documents have been sent on to provinces/cities now so I hope I will hear soon too. My coordinator reassured me that he'll let me know as soon as he does, perhaps it may be an early birthday present for me! I will be 22 years old on Wednesday and even though I'm getting older, I still get massively excited about my birthday :D I'm being treated to the musical show, 'Chicago' and we're going to eat in a really nice Korean restaurant in London called Asadal. It's one of my favourite restaurants not only because the food is fantastic but because the atmosphere is great. The food is quite pricey compared to other Korean restaurants in London, but if you're celebrating and want to splash out on Korean cuisine I would wholly recommend it - it's around £40 for two people to leave with tummies full of delicious SamGyeopSal (a pork BBQ dish meaning 'three layer') ^_^.

In other news, my postgraduate dissertation project is now in the initial testing phases which is really exciting. I am testing 4 year olds after they have been exposed to different types of television cartoons to see if the cut speed is related to their performance in attention tasks. Last week was my first testing session with a lovely little girl who was very keen to participate! Starting my project has reminded me of how well I interact with children and I just feel completely at ease with them. I find it fascinating to watch them work through problem-solving tasks and I am certainly looking forward to witnessing this with language in the classroom...roll on August!



  1. do you like musicals? please tell me yes! haha.. i got to see chicago last summer and it was really really great! ack! now i'm gonna go listen to the soundtrack repeatedly :P

  2. Yeah!!! Are you gonna be my musical buddy in Korea? We can go to ALL the musicals in Myeongdong :D:D


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